• Two large format oil on canvas paintings by contemporary artist Dominic Virtosu displayed in a beautiful contemporary art gallery. The paintings are part of the Fantasmism collection of dancers and they are called "After Life" and "Magic Dancers"


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Vivid Colors

A spikey collection

Equestrian Muchness

Delightfully Beautiful

Explore Your Imagination: Fantasmism

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Spike up your Life




Vitamin Dreams (Pineapples)

Charcoal on Paper Drawings

Thicc Days



How Wonderful

Finding Painting

In my search for meaning, I am often intrigued by experimental action and so I will not shy away from trying even the abstract painting.

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Prints available!

Your favourite artworks now in Print!

Great news for those of you who might want to have a smaller version of one of my artwork! Hight quality prints are now available on some of my works. You can choose a variety of sizes and finishings.

Spike up Your Life

Discover the cactus painting that is right for your style.

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