As the artist returned back in the studio after a two week hiatus, he noticed something had changed within him: as he was laying out the colors for this new work, something was not quite adding up. Something had changed.

This is where the story of "Mixed Feelings" starts.

Painted in the artists' studio in Northern France, more precisely on the garden roof of the studio, this work feels like a passage between two worlds - on the one side, there are clear suggestions that this might be a landscape with some plants ...and on the other, it steps into unknown territory. Here, every brushstroke is both real and abstract, both something and nothing at the same time.

"I've worked on this painting with a zealous energy and enthusiasm," said Virtosu, "...and I've had to use my left hand because I felt like it would be a more genuine expression of my state of mind. I did not want it to be just another nice painting. I wanted it to say something profound about how I was actually feeling." Hence the title: "Mixed Feelings" - departing from realism, Virtosu focuses his energy in questioning his own motivations and bringing his inner energies to light.

Mixed Feelings

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