Painted entirely with the left hand, "Self-Expression in Blue" is a work that's provoking and deeply unsettling at the same time.

Whilst the main focus of the artist was to achieve a liberating gestural expression, the immediate sensation that this work invokes is uncertainty. Is it a portrait? Is it an abstract work? Is this a challenge to identify objects? One could not tell with certainty.

The thick layer of oil paint used to create this work is certainly a factor of disturbance and further vibration in the chi-balance of this blue painting.

"I've started using my left hand more and more this past year (2021) in order to convey a more direct sense of emotion, surprise and general unexpected results into my work" said Dominic Virtosu.

What is certain, is that this painting will light a few discussions around what it exactly represents.

Self-Expression in Blue

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