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This charcoal drawing expresses the artists' interest in the very complex symbiosis that the original human beings had with their environment. The questioning of what is a "home" based on he idea of the "home tree" that feeds and protects us from danger. The jungle, in this case, becomes a metaphor for a place of safety that cand both protect us and also bring us joy. In the thick Jungle the foliage becomes so dense and incredibly harmonious.

„I’ve always wanted to investigate the hypothesis of such a concept” says Virtosu. „My interest was not only based on the myth/story of Eden but also on the power that the concept of Garden incites – a Garden is a kind of Home – it represents the idea of abundance.” This is the reason why the artist has chosen a more exotic, lush representation of such a concept. The garden is welcoming BUT we cannot be sure what dangers lurk just outside of our lign of sight.

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Thick Jungle (Charcoal Drawing)

160x120cm / 62.9x47.2 in, charcoal on paper, 2017 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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