Tropical Dream

115x95cm / 45.2x37.4 in, charcoal on paper, 2022, framed under glass Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

Fine rays of sunlight pierce through the deep foliage of this tropical jungle. We can almost hear the birds chirping, the light breeze moving the trees - some humid sounds of random animals calling out for their mates.

The jungle, in this case, becomes a metaphor for a place of safety that can both protect us and also bring us joy. In the thick Jungle the foliage becomes so dense and incredibly harmonious.

A small stream has formed into a fresh-water lake and reflects the sunlight's' warming rays.

This work of zen and skillful mastery is made as a charcoal drawing - this technique allowed the artist to reach deep black hues as well as smooth intermediate tonalities of light. The work is framed in a light-brown wooden frame.