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What makes THIS particular painting very special is that it is the absolute first one of Virtosu's oil paintings, where the artist went on an all-abstract path. Your eye, as a collector, will know that this artists' main interest is figurative surrealism or landscape painting, but for this one, he has embarked in a particularly adventurous path...and it's paid off, rather well.

You'll want to own this work and hang it proudly on a big wall - and big it must be - as the work is two meters tall and weighs-in at quite a few kilos. Imagine looking at it while you sip your coffee in the morning: it instantly transposes you into another dimension. The artist was not shy with the amount of color he used either: look closely at this work and you will find an abundance of thick, brash and bold dabs of paint that will delight your eye and feast your souls hunger for fresh art. This is a work that keeps on giving and you deserve to own it!

Abstract Landscape

200x150cm / 78.74x59.06 in, oil on canvas, 2019 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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