175x130cm / 68.89x51.18 in, oil on canvas, 2018

While the concept of a Garden of Eden is widely accepted as a metaphor for a time when human consciousness was pure and untainted by the difficulties of life, it is unclear what a depiction of such a garden would look like. Hence, the artist is proposing through this series, a naturalistic approach to this theme. By mixing lush greenery and imaginative colors, he transposes the state of mind of harmony and purity into a complex mingle of greenery and lines.

This work was created in the artists' studio in France in 2018. Its size is suitable for a well lit and generous space and its refreshing colors will bring joy to any environment. Big leaves overlapping created with an exquisite painting style and technique - this is a work from the artists' more mature years. The work was painted in two stages - first a background layer was set in which the artist has sketched the general shape of the drawing, then a more detailed layer was applied.

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Another Part of Eden

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