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A work of powerful gestural projection, Green Day is the expression of a spiritual intent and an energetic painting technique. The artist used the basis of an existing work and painted over with thick paint and dabs of color. The gesture of painting has, in this context, as much significance as the result. The masterful hand has been liberated in order to create without the constraint of the mind: „I’ve used a creative method that suspends the intellect – it’s used in acting as well to achieve the most instinctual results – it was a form of self dialogue that resonates with the dadaist technique of <<dictee automatique>>” says Virtosu. He goes on to describe the technique as „a rapid fire of words that I was saying to myself while painting, negating the intellect and the pre-judged gestures. It was a very intense experience, like a re-invention of sorts.”

Green Day

170x160cm / 66.9x62.9 in, oil on canvas, 2016 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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