With "Neon Jungle", Dominic Virtosu experiments in transformative painting styles while retaining his core interest for the natural element.

Broad gestures and generous brush strokes are characteristic of this intrinsically expressive work of art. The painting, which is based on Virtosu's preferred 200x200cm square format, exudes a kind of natural vibrancy and intrinsic pleasure for the cumulative gesture. The artists' brush seems to glide effortlessly into this immersive environment, while helping to produce it at the same time.

What started out as a black and light-blue colored, contour painting of an imaginary jungle setting has been brought to life by the artists' addition of neon spray paint acrylic colors of pink and electric neon which make the big banana leaves pop-out from the canvas.

The work is impressive through its sheer size and energy and signals Virtosu's interest for a more gestural approach.

Neon Jungle

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