What starts out as hope soon becomes finessed into a manifesto of exuberant joy, leaving only a sense of love and the possibility of a new beginning each time the work is viewed.

The colors are timeless and the energy is plentiful in this painting by Dominic Virtosu. A landscape painting, for sure, and one that is based on the artists' vivid desire to spark joy within the viewers' heart.

"I sometimes wonder how my technique can be applied to bring color into people's homes" said the artist. The secret, he says, is to use the eye's capacity of generating a vibration.

The orange background of "Pure Joy" permeates the entire work and makes the top layer of colors pop-out with a joyous vibe.

Pure Joy

150x130cm / 59.06x51.18 in, oil on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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