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Amazons is a very personal story: at some point in Dominic Virtosu's life the artist was put in what he felt was an incredibly uncomfortable position: having to choose between a few extremely gorgeous women. The choice was not easy, and, as the picture suggests: the young Virtosu was most unprepared for this daunting task, thus he chose to express his distress in a painting where he depicted himself as a small man with a Yoda -head and amazed look on his face. Man-toys spread on the ground, the central character is facing this giant Centaurus-woman that's about to impale him. In the back, a few other beauties await - like traps to another life of insignificance and/or mindless bliss.

The cats in this picture to symbolize my need to escape to another dimension of existence - the cat being the universal symbol of the trans-dimensional portal.

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