On an abstract and colorful background filled with perspective lines, hues of neon and paint dabs, a number of dancers appear. The women all wear bright RED balet outfits that present a striking contrast with their dark, blue under-toned skin. This impressive composition revolves around an open tomb – situated at the center, cutting diagonally through the canvas, an orthodox cross crowning it. The undertaker is still in the hole as the cofin had just been lowered, it seems. The mood of the painting is not grim nor is it sad. It is a crude awakening to the afterlife. A rite of passage.

The artist was inspired by the funeral of his own uncle where he took the picture of the undertaker and the tomb. Irreverence was not the purpose of this picture – it was the questioning of the idea of sadness and loss. How do we, as cognizant humans, deal with loss? The artist answers by proposing an impressive color palette that almost drowns-out any imaginable pain and grief.

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After Life

200x200 cm / 78.74x78.74 in , oil and spray paint on canvas, 2017 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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