A group of brightly-clothed dancers are rehearsing their moves. They’re all gathered in a bunch at right the edge of the work – each one taking a different pose. A feeling arises as we admire their bright yellow costumes– it’s almost like we’re witnessing a spontaneous moment in their life.
Beyond the mundane, there’s a Ballerina much closer to us. With her arms making a protective circle shape, she seems to be offering a symbol of affection, of tenderness. Her bright orange/red dress contrasts powerfully with her dark skin.
A rich palette of dark tones of purple, pink, red, blues and greens is mixing together and creates the bodies of these unusual ballerinas.
The atmosphere around them is abstract, almost pink – a palette of pastel colors that sooths the eye  and almost absorbs them into the background.
“Dancers of Tenderness” is a beautiful work. It pleases the eye and the heart through its beautiful subject and composition but also through the colors the artist uses.

Framing options are available for this work.

Dancers of Tenderness

150x150cm / 59.05x59.05 in, oil on canvas, 2021 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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