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Virtosu created "Look over There" as an homage to the mouse character that Walt Disney had created and made so popular through his animation films. The composition features the mouse prominently pointing at a tree trunk: it is a reminder of the natural origin of all things, a play on the idea of contrast.

"I was interested in questioning the notions of <<natural>> versus <<artificial>> and thus I thought that by juxtaposing two elements from vastly different universes, I would be able to engage myself in a dialogue about this topic." Virtosu said.

Consequently, the artist also uses two painting styles that he masterfully combines in a complementary approach: expressionism gestures for the background and a more controlled movement for the character.

The work was created in the artists' country-house studio in Romania, in 2015.

Look over There

160x150cm / 62.99x59.05 in, oil on canvas, 2015 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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