For „Magic Dance” the artist has invested the transformed the entire canvas into the scene of a balet rehearsal. The giant composition transposes us into the universe of the dancers where we can discover the sensitivity and harshness that come with this very strict discipline.
The work is especially powerful because of the very natural style in which the characters are painted – effective, powerful strokes of color precisely define each line of the dancers – like the painter was executing a „dance” with his brush on the canvas when creating them.
The composition, assimetrically distributed towards the top, is hinting toward the heaviness of the training as well as the power of the dancers determination: a tribute to this great art that has produced so many extraordinary performers.

Magic Dance

200x200 cm / 78.74x78.74 in , oil and spray paint on canvas, 2018, private collection Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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