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After a long rehearsal, the ballerinas are tired and exhausted. Their rehearsal studio is not the most beautiful in the world, it is a worn-down hangar with a green overall color. Their mood is not grim but it's not joyful. It is an in-between state of mind. There is a sign of irony in the entire room "Sign not in use" says the sign, thereby negating its own purpose. It we are not useful...are we still something? Do we even exist if our purpose has vanished? Is art something that exists? Dominic Virtosu chooses to speak about the mundane, the unseen daily simplicity of the craft. Those moments that make-up most of life: The tasks that repeat themselves, the gestures of habit, the gestures that lead to mastery and performance. All the hours lost to eternity in order to become more capable.The artists’ lens focuses on this cold, make-shift rehearsal studio, where a group of ballerinas is seen working.

Sign not in use

205x205cm / 80.70x80.70 in, oil and spray paints on canvas, 2018 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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