An environment that’s mostly a pink goo liquid with some purple refraction. Banked sideways in the middle of all this: a sunken merry-go-round of which we can see the once happy contours.
Although the scene might seem surreal and disturbing, its bright beautiful colors make it a much more soothing painting than one might initially expect. There’s a subtle calming effect to this composition. It oozes calm and exudes relief – like all worries in the world have finally come to an end.
“My intention was to combine an element of childhood and innocent fun – the Merry-go-round – with a more complex and dark idea – Global warming and the idea that, in the end, we’re all unbearably mortal.” Said Dominic Virtosu about this work.
“Sweet Apocalypse” is a beautiful and intriguing work. Its medium size allows it to hang perfectly in any contemporary interior. The artwork is framed with a black wooden American box with the framed size: 156x166x5cm.

Sweet Apocalypse

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