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"Know thyself" (Socrates)
While many of Virtosu's works do make references to phylosophical themes, and thus, by extension, to life itself, "The Gathering - Dumbo" is a particular kind of story. The massive canvas measures 200 by 200 cm and is painted to depict the veneration of Dumbo by a few seemingly devoted adepts. This magnificent work relates a feeling of blessed contentment and awe in the face of what seems to be a modern deity of sorts.
This questioning of the idea of Deity and what that concept stands for in the modern world is Virtos's answer to the hermeneutics of disbelief in relation to contemporary art. The centrally placed deity inspires awe while at the same time keeping its rather naive and joyful appearance- a childlike glee emanating from the entire painting.

The Gathering - Dumbo

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