In this oil painting, I embraced surrealism and symbolism to explore the concept of unwinding from life's stresses. The vibrant colors and fluid forms conjure a dreamlike state, inviting viewers to let go of reality and embrace a moment of pure relaxation. The unexpected juxtaposition of elements in the scene challenges perceptions, encouraging a sense of playfulness and imagination. It's a visual reminder to take a breath, find joy in the unusual, and allow oneself to simply be. This artwork will bring a bold, creative energy to any space, prompting reflection and a welcome pause in the hustle of daily life. Set on the backdrop of strong shimmering red, this surreal bathing horse makes for a beautiful painting to brighten up your day. 
This relaxing mare is just enjoying a fluffy bath under the chandelier of her luxurious bathroom. Surreal is a small word to describe this painting, but it will certainly stir up a discussion with your guests.

Just Relaax

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