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130x100cm, oil on canvas, 2020

As you must have noticed, this artwork depicts a horse taking a bath in a luxurious tub, in a full setting of luxury: an absurdly funny and impossible idea.

Part of a continuing series of horses, this piece is centered around the idea of gold - a sense of weirdness and ambiguity exudes through-out this painting as the artist uses the dark background and red tub to further emphasize this scene of lavish luxury.

"Beginning in 2015 I have had this idea of using horses in absurd or impossible situations," said Dominic Virtosu, "it all started because of a stupid story I once heard in which a man was carrying a dead horse on the tram and then back into his house, only to then put it in his tub and claim that he is the only one with a horse in his tub. Totally idiotic story, but the visual, I found, were worth exploring".

"I am always painting two or three horses at the same time because I like to explore color schemes and variants" said the artist.

White Knight

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