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As our gaze wanders around the surface of this painted canvas by Dominic Virtosu, we cannot help but wonder about the story behind this visible chaos depiction.
“I was painting this artwork while we were having a huge construction project at our country-side home” recounts the artist. “My mother and I were there supervising the works and I felt the need to express the extreme chaos and discomfort that such a construction site entails.”
In the middle of the canvas, a large pile of materials –wood, plastics, wire – all thrown together with branches and left-over rubble to make a great mix of chaotic energy.
“I found this particular view to be very evoking of my own interior emotions in regard to my relationship with that place – and, by extension, to my mother” said Virtosu.
The artist decided to paint this work left-handed in order to embrace and reflect on the emotional energy and ramifications of this very personal and intimate subject. The theme of this work is related to being bound by the land and family heritage – being on the receiving end of a long line of hopes and dreams, needing to please, needing to accomplish, revolting and disappointing, forgiving and loving – all aspects of the artists’ developing personality during childhood.
“Building Chaos” might as well be titled “Chaos building”. But where there is chaos, order will follow.

Building Chaos

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