It is still cold outside. The hope for warmth had come from seeing the bright rays of spring sunshine. It was a premature hope. It is still quite cold and windy outside.

Nature seems not to have woken up just yet. It's the month of March and we are slowly coming out of a cold, damp and dark winter season.

Putting his colors down on the ground, the artist is scouting the garden landscape for a view that might incite his interest, something that his eye would be caught on. After a few twists and turns, he decides on this group of trimmed trees - a testament to the harshness of French landscape artists: cutting with no merci in order to achieve the desired result.

The work is swift, because of the cold wind that pierces through the artists' clothes. A bright green-yellow background illuminates the entire set-up from the background- perhaps a sign that warmer times will come. The garden is quiet and ready for early spring.

Early Spring

150x130cm / 59.06x51.18 in, oil and spray paints on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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