On the dark green background of the evening sky, a majestic aloe plant is reigning supreme in all its glory. Its beautiful leaves extend around it like a crown at sunset light.

The artists' emphasis on electric colors is achieved through the usage of simultaneous contrasts and juxtaposition of hues: a vibrant rhythm of vivid paint dabs builds the anatomy of this gorgeous plant.

Dominic Virtosu achieves a masterful balance of the decorative and conceptual within the composition of this work. A pleasant sight to the eye, this work shows the artists' skill and experience. The Aloe Plant as a thought provoking subject, speaks of the temporal nature of life and questions humanity's efforts to preserve its beauty.

Electric Aloe

180x150cm / 70.8x59.5 in, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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