On the one hand, there's a deep gradient which goes ever so smoothly from a bright orange hue to a dark red/purple tone, giving the painting a sense of ease and peace - just like catching the last shimmers of sunlight on a late summer sunset.

On the other hand, in the foreground, a powerful texture of vibrant, thick colors is just bursting out of the canvas. Juxtaposed in an intricate and chaotic pattern of paste, the oils are squished together with each-other to create an impenetrable and dense cactus skin. The colors look almost like candy on the canvas, they look surreal - one might just want to touch them and see how they feel.

Lovely Cactus

60x60 cm / 23.62x23.62 in, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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