Seen from a distance, this work represents a cactus painted with deep black and grey on a powerful red background gradient.
But look closely. No, even closer than that! This is the way to get a feeling of the absolute zen-like patience that the artist was able to manifest in order to bring this project into existence. A close inspection of this work reveals that the cactus' branches are actually ornate with thousands upon thousands of little dots. The dots have multiple sizes and are also multicolored as they progress from light areas of the cactus to more shaded zones.

"Through this project, I was not only testing my patience, but I wanted to reveal the temporality of the painting process." said Dominic Virtosu.


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Merry Christmas!

130x100cm / 51.18x39.3 in, oil and resin coating on canvas, 2020, private collection Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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