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On a large canvas of 170x160cm, an array of seemingly abstract shapes become visible to the eye. Painted with pastel colors and with a thick coat of oil paints, these shapes seem to evolve deliberately one through the other - almost like this would work as a filtered reality through which the artist transmits a state of mind.
Closer inspection of this work reveals a carefully constructed design that loosely reminds of a still life - zoomed in to the maximum: the artists' interest was to create a pretext for abstraction, based on the idea of magnification of reality. The artist explained it as follows in his own words: "I was looking to create a composition that would feel both abstract and figurative at the same time, and I remembered an exercise that we had done in Art University. The professor came in one day and emptied the class' rubbish bin in the middle of the studio: <<Paint that!>> he said. And left.

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Abstract Composition

Oil Painting on Canvas, 170x160cm / 66.93x62.99 in, 2013 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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