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Working on a large format canvas, Dominic Virtosu uses powerful gesture and expansive high-contrast colors to emphasize the impact that this image makes. As a basis for this work, the artist is using his interest for the feline species and the popular meme-concept of "cats are liquid" to create a visual representation of that idea.

The 200x200cm canvas is boasting a vibrant, almost tacky, pink background. On it, a blue shape appears to be almost floating: the huge, contorted body of a "small" kitten - painted to outrageous proportions with a deep blue palette of splashed-out colors.

Virtosu is not one to shy away from big emphatic gestural painting - and this shows in this work: the large size of the subject offers the artist a variety of opportunities to express his splashing skills.

The idea of cats being able to sleep in any position, almost completely corkscrewed from head to tail, fascinates the artist and was the basis for this new series of very large gestural works.

Blue Cat on Pink

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