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Botanique Hypnotique speaks of the mystery that is hiding in front of our very eyes. Right in plain sight we will discover the most beautiful treasures...if we only stop and look.

The story of this painting: in the heart of Brussels, the painter found the botanical garden. A place of beauty and peace that inspired him to create this painting. The masterfully crafted web of plants and vividly colored vegetation are barely covering up the putrefied structure of the city behind it, creating a powerful and impressive contrast.

This work is well suited for any contemporary interior.

The work comes with painted sides and does not require a frame. The size is 205cm x 150cm. The work is signed on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

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You can also contact the artist directly and commission a variant of this piece on the size of your choice.

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Botanique Hypnotique

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