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"Camaro Bear" is just one of those works where you continuously discover new and surprising aspects that are intriguing and exciting to the eye.

Made with materials that the artist purchased in a Chinese market in Bucharest, the work is built as a testament to the complexity and durability of the kitsch taste. "Camaro Bear" represents an assortment of elements that fight for attention, desperately needing more and more visibility, scratching the eye, damaging the pupil in their effort to affirm their existence even for one fraction of a second.

This cacophony of elements poses a problem to the viewer: which one can we address first? What do we see first?

Once you are in front of this work, it is quite easy to observe that there are multiple elements glued on the canvas and sticking out, quite litterally objects of daily use (such as pieces of a towel or a bathrobe). This all plays into the extreme visual confusion that this work is intending to incite in the viewers' senses.

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Camaro Bear

160x150cm / 62.99x59.05 in, fabric and plastics glued on canvas, 2015 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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