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After a clean-up in the garden, the artists' mother had amassed all the remaining branches and twigs into one big pile and then they were left there for a few months to dry down and get brittle through the power of the elements. The artists' aim through this picture, was to capture that energy of renewal - of reinvention - that shifts the old into the new and revives the entire landscape. Although it seems chaotic at first, there are precise paths and directions that make up the entire composition. These directions are powerfully highlighted through the contrast with the yellow background. The artists' work with strong brush-strokes and thick paste, puts an emphasis on observation, on a fleeting feeling of a moment. It is not a cerebral act but rather a communion with the instant.

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Chaotic Branches

120x120cm / 47.24x47.24 in, oil on canvas, 2018 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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