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"Closer to Me" is a step behind the curtain into a very personal intimacy of the life of a model. We are invited to see her as she is, naturally, without pretense or social mask. In a cozy environment, the artist controls and shines a very warm light on this young, beautiful woman. Is she on a break? Is she meditating on her purpose in life? We may never know.
"The point of this painting for me was to use existing imagery and reinterpret that reality in a novel way: I've added a snail as a pet for the girl. The inherent eroticism of her barely covered body was made more interesting for me in the context of the gooey snail." said Dominic Virtosu. "I love the idea that this is a glimpse into someone's intimacy...i put the audience in the position of a stalker - looking from behind the plants."

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Closer to Me

120x120 cm / 47.24x47.24 in, oil on canvas, 2020 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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