A group of brightly-clothed dancers are rehearsing their moves. They’re all gathered in a bunch at right the edge of the work – each one taking a different pose. A feeling arises as we admire their bright orange and yellow costumes– it’s almost like we’re witnessing a spontaneous moment in their life.
Beyond the mundane, there’s a Ballerina much closer to us. She may very well be the star of the show – or the anti-hero – whichever it might be: she is a powerful presence. With her arms tensioned outward she seems to be shooting an invisible bow and arrow as her feet and legs take a very stable stance.
A rich palette of dark tones of purple, pink, red, blues and greens is mixing together and creates a liquid environment that appears to be slushing from side to side reflecting the ballerinas, their bodies and clothes and almost absorbing them into the background.
“Dancers of Love” is a beautiful work. It pleases the eye and the heart through its beautiful subject and composition.

Dancers of Love

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