Dominic Virtosu's first large scale abstract painting is like a burst of sudden energy pulsating out of the ether. Inspired by the artists' father, Mihai Virtosu, elaborate exploration of musical theory and synesthetic theory, the work is an homage that can be interpreted in the context of Abstract Lyrical painters such as Kandinsky.

Painted on a large scale canvas, with high quality oil paints, "Energy of the Day" has a particular lyrical sensibility that hints at an unwritten, hidden musical score.

"I've decided to only use my left hand to paint this work - this pushed me to explore new ways of painting while at the same time keeping the painting fresh and emotionally connected to my subconscious." said Dominic Virtosu.

This work represents the beginning of a new direction in the artists' interests for painting: figuring out how to integrate more of the subconscious and intuitive mind into his body of work as a whole.

Energy of a Day

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