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Set on the background of a scorching red-orange sunset, "Fun Times" is a painting which puts forth an intriguing proposition: the contemplation of finality and post-civilization, the idea of after-human with a planetary sea-level rise. These are all concepts that the artist is interested in and plays with, in this colorful composition.

Sunk half-way to his eye-level, a giant statue of the once-popular cartoon character is looking at us with that same sparkle in his eye. The never-ending dream of perpetual joy and perpetual consumption keeping us in movement, continuously striving for bigger and better achievements. Often-times to the neglect of our actual happiness.

The artist proposes this work as part of his "Waterworld" series.

Fun Times

150x150cm / 59.05x59.05 in, oil on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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