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An abstract, pink background, made of vibrant surfaces of thick color is the basis for this composition. The artist uses the technique of masking tape to create clearly defined areas where he explodes the hues and combines them to create an appearance of randomness. 

Through this innocent background, a triad of characters from three worlds, appear and overlap each other. There's the obvious astronaut who has a soothing, calming presence from another dimension - transceding the final frontier. 

Then there's the magnificent and sanctimonious apparition of a cardinal who's figure we see from below - rising above all the others. 

Last, but not least, in the foreground, the elegant hand of a very fashionable woman of color makes its appearance into the set and provides the final clue as to what the artist's intentions were with this piece. Her dress is silky and transparent and ornate with embroidered flowers - it's the embodiment of haute couture.


Three worlds come together into one combined composition about power, status quo, the clash between reason and religion and instinct, the different directions of life and the intricate dynamica between them all.

The artist puts all the characters on an equal standing of sorts through the use of the same grayscale coloring scheme for a three, thus reiterating their mortality and freilty in the bigger scheme of the universe.

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Have Faith

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