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"Through this work, I've challenged myself at the time both on the level of skill and on the subject matter I have chosen to speak of." says the Artist.

"This idea was floating around in my head that I could try to make an image where I would replace all teh colors that I would have used normally with orange hues and yellow highlights. It appealed to me because it was a technical challenge as well as a powerful aesthetic choice.

The composition was a raised middle finger to established mythological figures such as Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus. They have this almost surreal air to them and they are so much perceived as 'good' that I had made my mind up to sully their reputation. It's almost as if, throught their actions in this piece, they become demistified."

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Holly and Daisy are coming

100x100cm / 39.37x39.37 in, oil on canvas, 2016 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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