Lasers, Horses, Astronauts

170x160cm / 66.9x62.9 in, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2016 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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In a non-descript, celestial environment, a magnitude of events are all happening at the same time. The eye is dazzled, at first, by this agglomeration of shapes, objects and characters. It seems chaotic and without purpose – to say the least.
Passing the initial explosion, the work begins to unfold to the eye of the patient viewer. Like a layered story of heavenly surreal spirit, it stages a balet of color and discrete beauty. Riders on horseback jumping over glowing rainbow obstacles, an astronaut-clown winking jokingly in one corner of the canvas. The whole composition is very dynamic and lively. The artist creates a sense of musicality  echoing the work of abstract legend Kasimir Malevitch: shapes and colors alternate in thickness – from spray-paint to heavy surfaces – a rhythm emerges and captivates. The work was created by the artist on site at the Equestria Horse Show in Bucharest.