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"Looking Through" was painted in the small village of Verderonne in France in 2021. Whilst exploring the grounds of the former noble family estate that had invited him for an exhibition, Dominic Virtosu stumbled upon an old passage that linked the main yard to what once was the houses' garden.

Impressed by the superb masonry craftsmanship as well, the artist had decided to capture this moment of transcendence, just before stepping through the portal.

"I felt as though it was a passage hidden in plain sight" said the artist. He added: "The way the light shines slightly differently in the two spaces was a nuance that I was absolutely fascinated with".

Painted with a fresh and quick brushstroke with decisive and vivid colors, "Looking Through" is mesmerizing in its simplicity and elegance - our eye is captivated by the clarity and serenity that the artist puts into his gesture, showing the cold and warm hues of both light and shadow, capturing the intensity of both.

The work is framed with a black American box-type frame and the framed size is 186x156x5cm.

Looking Through

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