From Laurence of Arabia to James Bond and also some video game characters, a wide array of heroes is populating this spectacular composition. This canvas, titled „Micropolitics” was created as an hommage to the contemporary hero – that solitary individual who, against all odds – of course, manages to save the day, again and again, each and every time the world is in danger.
The artist used a wide array of images based on their respective size and perspective:
„I was particularly interested in creating a sense of dynamic, a movement of ascendence from left to right.” said Dominic Virtosu. A particularity of this composition is its hypnotic character: our eye is drawn-in and captured by the magnetic gazes of our heroes – a style that is particularly present in Virtosu’s works. The painting was created in 2016 in Romania, at the artists’ countryside studion in the province of Vrancea and therefor has a warm color palette.


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