On a bright green background, a thick, dark, deep and huge Monstera plant appears. The special technique used by Dominic Virtosu to create this artwork is creating a powerful contrast between foreground and background.

Being adept and fearless with metaphors, Dominic Virtosu is exploring the actuality and in-actuality of painting. With his prior work experience in advertising, he is playing with its lively chaos of commercial imagery and creates a sort of “peinture d’essai”. His desire at times is to shock, to provoke, and to shake up the viewer’s experience. This approach derives from his own interior battles: the revolt towards consumer marketing vs his simultaneous attraction towards its inexhaustible, toxic imagery. This is a painting style few would describe as nice or tame.

A skilled colorist, Dominic Virtosu is working loosely on landscape themes which he translates into paintings for his most recent exhibition of Jungles and Cacti at the Impulse Gallery in Lucerne, Switzerland (august – 2022).

Monstera on Green

130x100cm / 51.18x39.3 in, oil and spray paint on canvas, 2022 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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