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Painted on the roof of the artists' studio in Northern France, "Morning Light" is a tribute, an homage to the tradition of landscape painting started by the school of Barbizon and then continued by the impressionists.

The painting represents an intimate view of a few plants - a miniature landscape that contains all the emotion that one would find by looking closely at a garden. An emotion is like a field of energy – it is projected around you each time you're feeling it. This is the way the artist visualizes this garden – a persistent energy field that becomes an object in itself.

The work exudes warm yellow light that makes the plants radiate almost a bit cold in the morning autumn sun. The artist wanted to capture this morning feeling and express it through the oil on canvas technique.

Suited for a contemporary or classical interior, this work comes framed with a black American wooden type frame and is an ideal size for an apartment or smaller room.

Morning Light

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