With this painting, the artist is inviting the viewer on a journey to the Swiss alps, an idyllic setting where the magical sun shines through and brings to light the myths and legends of this peaceful, natural loving land.
From a vantage point, above a lake, we can see far away in the distance, as far as the mountains allow it. Their peaks coated white and their bodies covered in thick forests - all made using a layer of extremely thick oil paint.
This picture is a peaceful adventure - a respire and a joyful pause to admire and take a deep breath of fresh air.
The artist uses spray paints to create a vivid background and then squishes oil paints directly out of the tube to make the mountains in the foreground. This technique creates a richly textured surface that invites viewers to feel the rich oil paints with their fingers.

The vibrant colors and thick oil paint create a painterly effect that is sure to catch the eye of any art lover.

Mountains of Switzerland

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