On a mild sunny day, the clouds are gently rolling their puffy shadows over the harmonious hilly landscape. A bunch of cows are grazing on the thick, dense, high grass and a beautiful country road is drawing what seem to be excellent driving curves towards the horizon. And, among all this quietness and peace, a half naked tied up woman is getting her brains exploded right ijn the middle of the road, just as the landscape is beginning to lose signal behind her in the distance. As if this entire scene was the last view of her life. One last glimpse before total anihilation and total demise. What are those last moments before a sudden death? What will I see? What will I feel? Maybe it will be like a tv-station loosing signal - with all its colors going pink.


170x150cm / 66.9x59 in, oil on canvas, 2010, private collection Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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