"Serenity" is a very particular kind of painting. Though its title might suggest peace and calm, its apparent simplicity and straight-forwardness are unsettling and thought-provoking.
The artist's aim was to produce a work that questions the essence of what a cactus plant might be - as a representation / object. Within the scope of this endeavor, "Serenity" is sort of a distilled middle ground, a generic cactus where shapes sort of exist. Its intentionally plain surface is meant to intrigue and give rise to doubt about its actual origin.

Painted on a white background, the brilliance of the cactus' colors is preserved and a beautiful gradient from yellow to orange to pink and purple emerges. The surrounding blue background was painted with acrylic spray paints using a blending technique that ensures an almost seamless blending together of the colors.

Certainly a conversation starter in any contemporary home, this almost abstract work will baffle the viewer with its vibrant colors.

The work comes with an American box style black wooden frame specifically designed to let the work emerge from it's sides. The framed dimensions of the work are 156x136x5 cm.


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