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Looking at this painting of an exotic landscape with lush natural beauty, you might not realize that it was found in the heart of Brussels. An island of spring on which the eye can rest and breathe a sigh of contentment.  This is the story of a controversial place in Brussels: a meeting point for both beauty and decrepitude. The masterfully crafted web of plants and vividly colored vegetation are barely covering up the putrefied structure of the city behind it, creating a powerful and impressive contrast.  An exotic jungle landscape is always perceived as a thing of beauty and mystery. It is a symbol of primordial abundance; the initial Garden of Eden. But this is also a savage place, where wild beasts of all kind lurk in the shadows. Metaphorically, it is the place, in our subconscious, where we hide our darkest fears and frightful thoughts. This work is inspired by the Brussels botanical garden.

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The Heart of Spring

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