For "Water's Edge" the artist represented a mysterious lady sunbathing in front of a lush green pond. Although the woman is present, her figure only gets defined as negative space - the painter uses the brushstrokes of the surrounding nature to create a contrast with the suntanning lady.

Visually, the artwork is an explosion of color and dynamism: a burst of energy seems to radiate, emanate out of it. There is a sense that this is almost like a snapshot captured in time.

"I wanted to instill a sense of happiness and beauty within the entire image: as though we ourselves are invited to partake in the sunbathing." said the artist, Dominic Virtosu. There is a sense that this work is also keenly self-aware of its statute: a metaphor that questions the current global climate and societal changes needed to preserve the safety of humanity within the ecosystem.

Water's Edge

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