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This square format work shows a uniform, thick layer of vibrant turquoise paint dominating the flat background - almost like a digitally enhanced image where the colors bare little resemblance to their natural counterparts. From this background, as if it were a separate, cutaway piece, the shape of a huge, orange umbrella emerges distinctly and imperiously screaming for the eyes' attention.

Our gaze is attracted magnetically by the few details emerging from under the umbrella hinting to the person hiding underneath, sheltering herself from the scorching heat of the afternoon sunlight. The silhouette of a woman, sitting on an armchair is, most likely, what we are shown...though her face will, forever, remain a mystery.

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Where Mystery Starts

120x120cm / 47.24x47.24 in, oil on canvas, 2015 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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