Painted with the left hand by the artist - as intended to access the emotional part of the brain, "Mood of the Day" is an explosive and gestural work which, surprisingly, evokes harmony and equilibrium. Its warm color palette, filled with orange hues and purple notes, has a certain melancholic taste to it.

"Mood of the Day" is a work that evokes the tight relationship between emotion and physiology in the artistic creation process. Virtosu's canvas illustrates a balance and rapport with the gesture of painting. It is never forgotten: it is in the artists' muscles.

The work is sold framed with a beautiful black American box-style frame that will fit any contemporary interior. The dimensions of the framed work are: 106x106x5cm.

The brilliant juxtaposition of lines and textures is woven by the artists' hand into an intricate pattern of apparent chaos: colors and stains of thick paint co-exist and compliment each-other on the canvas with harmony and energy.

Mood of the Day

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