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Fragments of Beauty - 129x100cm - oil on canvas -2018
 On a gradient of orange and vermillon red, a few, seemingly random, stains, appear. They are multicolored and are created wit a thick coat of paint, applied carefully and precisely, almost to precisely. This abstract image reminds of something familiar, something we know. Is it truly something we know or are we, with our ever curious minds, presuming that we understand this image?

Indeed the image is a simplified, shortened and up-close view of a pineapple. Looking carefully at the intricate meander of shapes, one cannot fathom the amount of dedicated effort it took for the artist to create such a masterful abstract painting - based on a pineapple.
The work is created by gradually super-imposing abstract shapes with various colors. The power of this abstraction comes from its apparent simplicity and plasticity.

The work is medium large and fits well in a well lit room.

Fragments of Beauty

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