A beautiful Hollywood sunset is bathing this painting with a glowing warm light as our eyes feast with the lavish colors of this surreal pop expression of serious flimsy.

Virtosu's vision is expressing a joyful perspective on the classical idea of the Merry-go-Round: a new world in which humans will be the main attraction of the show.

Suspended in this universe, turning in apparent weightlessness, the pole-dancing ladies are a sight to behold. Imposing and powerful, the light-rays shining through their muscular shapes, they ARE the new women of tomorrow.

Gazing onto these suspended characters, we cannot but keep wondering: is this for business or pleasure. Is this art? Is their endeavor an artistic one? Are they entertaining themselves or the viewer? Are we the voyeurs, looking on at a Cirque du Soleil like show? Are we unaware that we have stepped in an alternate representation of reality?

Coachella Vibes

150x180cm / 59.5x70.8 in, oil on canvas, 2024 Sale price Price Regular price Unit price  per 

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